Iraq to Offer a Sixth Energy Licensing Round

By John Lee.

The Iraqi Prime Minister has said that Iraq will achieve self-sufficiency in gas within three years.

Speaking at the final signing ceremony of the contracts for the fifth licensing round on Tuesday, Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani said the cost of importing gas is up to 10 trillion dinars [$6.8 billion] annually.

Iraq also imports oil derivatives, although it is a producer and exporter of oil.

He added that the Ministry of Oil to preparing the remaining fifth-round contacts, and that there will be a sixth round to invest more associated gas and natural gas assets.

The remaining, un-awared blocks from the fifth round are as follows:

  • Zurbatiya [Zurbatia], in Wasit and Diyala
  • Shihabi in Missan and Wasit
  • Fao, in Basra
  • Jebel Sanam [Jabal Sanam], in Basra
  • Offshore Gulf block

(Source: Media Office of the Prime Minister)

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