Iraq to Relax Import Restrictions on Fertiliser

By John Lee.

Iraq's Council of Ministers has approved the following recommendations for importing urea and DAP (di-ammonium phosphate) fertilizers:

  1. Cancel import licenses for urea and DAP fertilizers.
  2. Allow private and mixed-sector companies, licensed agricultural offices, and the General Union of Agricultural Associations to import urea and DAP fertilizers without an import license.
  3. Allow entry of urea and DAP fertilizers through specified border crossings (Trebil, Zurbatiya, Umm Qasr, Nineveh Dam, and Darman in Kirkuk) following applicable procedures.
  4. Conduct chemical and radiological examinations of imported fertilizers within 48 hours at the border crossings by competent authorities.
  5. Maintain transfer procedures of fertilizers from all border crossings and checkpoints to warehouses by the Joint Operations Command and the National Security Council.
  6. The National Security Adviser will establish mechanisms to regulate storing fertilizers and monitoring their distribution in coordination with relevant authorities.

(Source: Iraqi Cabinet)

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