Iraq to buy French Executive Jets?

By John Lee.

Iraq's  Ministry of Transportation is considering the purchase of two Falcon aircraft from the French company Dassault.

Based on the directives of the Minister of Transportation, Mr. Rizk Mahayibes Al-Saadi, to follow up on files of utmost importance in the operation of Iraqi Airways, a ministerial committee was formed to follow up on the contract for the purchase of French aircraft. The committee is headed by Mr. Abbas Imran Musa, Director General of the Planning and Monitoring Department.

The chairman of the ministerial committee held a meeting with representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Oil, the Prime Minister's Office, and a representative from the Iraqi Airways Corporation to discuss the purchase of the two aircraft. The goal is to enhance the national carrier fleet according to the development plan prepared by the Ministry of Transportation under the supervision of the Minister.

The Falcon Dassault French aircraft are characterized by advanced international specifications and high performance in the aviation industry.

In the meeting, the Ministry of Oil pledged to study the possibility of operating these aircraft, which will be dedicated to VIP transport.

(Source: Ministry of Transport)

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