Iraqi Airways to get Subsidised Aviation Fuel

By John Lee.

The Iraqi Cabinet has taken steps to support the growth and development of Iraqi Airways, following the Prime Minister's visit to Baghdad International Airport and his call for an improvement in services. The approved decisions, based on the recommendation of the Ministerial Council for Economy, are as follows:

  1. The General Company for Iraqi Airways will be supplied with aviation fuel priced at 20% of the international bulletin price. However, the company is required to submit an action plan within 90 working days to the Ministerial Council for Economy, outlining measures to enhance service quality and overall operations. After this period, pricing will be reviewed based on any developments.
  2. Other national carriers, including Fly Baghdad and Ur Airlines, that are officially registered with the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority (ICAA), will benefit from aviation fuel priced at 80% of the international price index.
  3. International foreign airlines will continue to be charged at the international index price for aviation fuel.

These measures aim to bolster the Iraqi Airways Company and promote its efficiency and service standards. By providing favorable pricing structures, the Council of Ministers intends to encourage growth and improve the overall aviation sector in Iraq.

(Source: Media Office of the Prime Minister)

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