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Shimadzu Sells X-ray Equipment to Iraq

By John Lee. Japanese precision equipment maker Shimadzu has won ¥1.5-billion ($17-million) worth of contracts from the Iraqi government. Japan Times reports that the machines — 106 for stomach X-rays and 27 for chest examinations — will be installed at public hospitals in Iraq from February. With the country expected to build new hospitals and […]

WHO Attaining Universal Coverage

The World Health Organization (WHO) completed the first step of assessing alternate means of health financing in Iraq based on social health protection. Health financing is a key area identified for modernization of the health sector in Iraq. The Government has expressed a willingness to engage in a dialogue with the aim of making the […]

The New Iraq: 2013 Discovering Business

This week marks the 150th edition of our Iraq Business News newsletter, and we are delighted to mark the occasion by bringing you a major new guide to business in Iraq. Published by Allurentis, in association with Iraq's National Investment Commission (NIC) and UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), the fourth edition in the annual New […]

Nose Job: Mosul Men go Under Knife for Good Looks

By Saleh Elias. This article was originally published by Niqash. Any opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News. Business is booming, say cosmetic surgeons in one of Iraq’s most dangerous cities. It’s not just Botox for ladies either. Apparently the biggest increase is in […]

US, Iraq Strategic Framework Fact Sheet

U.S.A. and Republic of Iraq Strategic Framework Fact Sheet: Services, Technology, Environment, and Transportation Ambassador Stephen Beecroft (pictured) and Deputy Prime Minister Salih al-Mutlaq launched the first meeting of the Services, Technology, Environment and Transportation (STET) Joint Coordinating Committee (JCC) under the U.S.-Iraq Strategic Framework Agreement on November 28, 2012 at the Council of Minister's […]

Iraq Hires Indian Nurses to Plug Shortfall

By John Lee. The Times of India reports that dozens of Indian nurses have travelled to Iraq in recent days to plug a shortfall in its hospitals and healthcare facilities. Baghdad's Medical City hospital welcomed 35 Indian nurses, while another 31 arrived to work in Diwaniya. Information on hirings in other provinces was not available. […]

European Companies to Build Iraqi Operating Theaters

By John Lee. Iraq has signed contracts worth a total of $152 million with four European companies to build medical facilities throughout the country. Sorima Hospital Development of Italy, Ermedi International of France, Viessmann Technologies GmbH of Germany, and HT Labor & Hospital Technik AG, also of Germany, will each build 19 operating theaters. Qais […]

$515m Investment Licences Granted in Baghdad

The Chairman of Baghdad Investment Commission, Shaker al-Zamili [Shaker A Shabib] (pictured), has announced that five investment licences worth $515 million have been granted: a residential complex in Ghazaliya for employees of the Office of the Financial Supervision; a residential complex in Zafaraniya; a gynecological hospital in Cairo neighbourhood; a surgical hospital in Waziriya; a […]