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The Political Hydraulics of OPEC

OPEC is a maddeningly opaque outfit; its public pronouncements frequently seem carefully crafted to conceal its private calculations. The 12-member cartel controls about one-third of the world’s daily oil supply — not quite enough to give it absolute control over the price per barrel, but enough to allow it to consistently manipulate the price to […]

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Shell Faces ‘No Difficulty’ on Gas - Iraq

Iraq and Royal Dutch Shell Plc can reach an agreement on a gas project by extending negotiations for another six months in order to settle storage issues, Oil Ministry spokesman Asim Jihad said. Jihad said there were “no difficulties” in the talks, except that “storage places are currently not ready.” “There is no harm in […]

IEA: Oil Prices Could Hurt Economic Recovery

Recovery in the world's biggest economies could be jeopardized if crude oil prices stay over $80 per barrel, the International Energy Agency said Tuesday. The IEA also reported that OPEC posted the first "significant decline" in output in March in more than a year -- falling 190,000 barrels per day to 29 million barrels a […]

Solution Closer on Paying Oil Firms

Kurdish and federal Iraqi officials have agreed on a potential solution to the problem of paying oil firms operating in the Kurdish north. They require approval by the Iraqi cabinet, a Kurdish official said to Reuters. Abdul Karim Louaibi, Deputy Ol Minister and a delegation travelled to Erbil on Sunday and held talks with natural […]


Foreign Investment Continues, as Lukoil Announces Plans

Foreign direct investment continues in Iraq as the pace picks up on the rehabilitation of the country’s infrastructure and economic base.  Russian-based LuKoil is to drill its first exploration well at Iraq West Qurna 2.  Mr. Vagit Alekperov CEO of LUKoil said that Russia’s largest privately held oil company, LUKoil, "[will] start drilling the first […]

Oldest Petrol Station in Karbala Opens

The oldest petrol station in Karbala City reopened on Monday, according to a local official. “Karbala’s Governor Amal al-Din al-Hir opened the project, located 1.5 km south of Imam al-Hussein’s shrine,” the head of the oil products department in Karbala, Hussein al-Kharsan, told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. Work on the project took nearly four months […]

Bad Weather Drives Oil Exports Lower

Iraq exported less crude in March than in the previous month because of faults due to poor weather, an Oil Ministry official said. "Exports were a bit less than in February because of technical reasons mainly linked to bad weather," Falah al-Amri, head of the State Oil Marketing Organization, said by telephone today. Al-Amri declined […]

Did Big Oil Win the War in Iraq?

Before the United States and Britain invaded Iraq in March 2003, their oil companies were shut out of oil-production contracts being negotiated by the government of Saddam Hussein. Today, more than six years of war later, Saddam is gone, and the U.S. and British oil companies are not only in on the oil contracts, they […]

Iraq's Overly Optimistic Oil Plans

The article takes a look at the energy prospects in Iraq, whose government aims to more than double oil production in the coming five years. While security and political constraints abound, production is inching up in Iraq, and recipients of 2009 oil-servicing contracts are beginning operations. Severe infrastructure shortfalls remain, however, and the pressure to […]