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Water Shortages Impact Power Output

The issue of power shortages is related to water shortages, Electricity Minister Kareem Waheed said. Waheed said water shortages have forced his ministry to redirect investments in this vital sector. Power outages in Iraq may last up to 20 hours a day. Waheed said volumes of water reaching Iraq have dropped substantially . Iraq relies […]

Baghdad 2010 Redevelopment Budget Hits $1 Billion

Azzaman reports that Baghdad’s governor, Salah Abdulrazzaq, has earmarked nearly $1 billion this year to redevelop the city. 40 percent of this budget will go to cover projects started in the past two years that were not completed. The governor said many projects were not finished because the Iraqi contractors working on them failed to […]

6 New Projects in Sulaimaniyah

The committee managing local projects in Sulaimaniyah province HAS referred 6 service projects for implementation with a cost exceeding 6 billion dinars. A source in the projects’ section in Basra province said that 3 of the referred projects are for Al Sulaimaniyah city while the three others are for the other parts of the region. […]

No Electioneering on Power Shortages

The Ministry of Electricity has warned parliamentary candidates against using lofty promises for the provision of power supplies as part of their campaigning. Iraq is to hold elections on March 7. More than 6,500 are contesting the 325-seat parliament. Nominated by 86 parties, competition is tough and some candidates are reported to be giving “unrealistic” […]

1st Stage of River Lining Project Completed in Karbala

“The minister of water resources, Dr. Abdullateef Jamal Rasheed has inaugurated the first stage of a project to line the al-Husseiniya River,” Governor Amal al-Din al-Hir told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. The cost of the first stage, which was completed within three months, is 850 million Iraqi dinars (ID), the governor noted. The estimated total […]

Baghdad Supplies Ministry of Water Resources with 17 Power-generating

The Baghdad governorate has supplied the Ministry of Water Resources, with electric power generators of different capacities. A press statement issued by the Information Office of the Governor of Baghdad says that the governorate provided the Directorate of Mesopotamia with nine power generators, (capacity 1000 kva) each, and another to the pumping station at Basmaja […]

Amara Dam Finished

The Iraqi Water Resources Ministry has completed the Amara dam project in Missan province. “The project is important because it controls and distributes the Tigris River water throughout the province,” the Ministry said in a release on Thursday received by Aswat al-Iraq news agency. (Aswat Al Iraq)

French Ambassador Reveals His Country’s Plans to Fund Service Projects in Iraq

French ambassador in Baghdad, Boris Bwalun, revealed on Monday his country’s plans to finance projects in sectors of energy, water, agriculture and transport; to facilitate the establishment of infrastructure in Iraq. The ambassador said in a press conference in Baghdad said that “the French Development Agency signed in November 2009 an official agreement for her […]

Prime Minister Inaugurates Projects for Water Desalination in Faw

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki opened a project for water desalination in Faw, south of Basra, during his recent visit to the governorate. Energy project is estimated at 800 cubic meters per hour, according to the governor of Basra Chiltag Abboud Mayah. He said that the project was funded by the Ministry of Municipalities and Public […]

6 Service Projects in Karbala

Six service projects with a total cost of 2.548 billion Iraqi dinars (roughly $2 million) were approved for implementation, according to a local official on Sunday. “The projects will be hopefully finalized by local firms in six months’ time,” Abbas Nasser Hassani, the Karbala Provincial Council’s Reconstruction & Strategic Planning Committee Chairman, told Aswat al-Iraq […]

Solar-powered Drinking Water Stations for Wassit

Twenty-four solar-powered potable water stations will be built in a number of villages in  Wassit, “The stations, with a capacity of 1-5 cubic meters per hour, will be established in 14 districts and towns,” Majed al-Atabi told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. He added that the stations will save a lot of electricity, as they rely […]

Power Pylons to Up Capacity to 363 MW

An agreement has been reached on Friday with a Turkish exporter of ready-to-use power pylons to increase capacity from 240 to 363 megawatt (MW) in Basra, according to the provincial council’s electricity committee chairman. “The capacity of one pylon, due to arrive in the port of Umm Qasr soon, will be upped from 105 to […]