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D7bn to Renovate Joman Streets- Official

A project to renovate the streets of Joman district will require 7 billion Iraqi dinars (nearly $6 million U.S. dollars), the director of the local municipality said on Saturday. “Two local companies have begun work on two projects to renovate the streets and neighborhoods of Joman district at a total cost of ID803 billion,” Farman […]

Baghdad Mayor Urges Iraqi Businessmen to Contribute to Reconstruction

The mayor of Baghdad has called on Iraqi businessmen to participate in the reconstruction process of the capital Baghdad. “This came during the mayor’s meeting with a number of businessmen from the Iraqi National Business Council…,” according to a statement released by the mayoralty and received by Aswat al-Iraq news agency. The mayor has called […]

3 New Drinking Water Units in Basra

Three new drinking water units, funded by the Iraqi government’s Basra rebuilding and development committee, have been launched in Basra on Thursday. “The three units’ total capacity is 400 cubic meters per hour,” Rasheed al-Fahad, the committee’s spokesperson, told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. He said that the cost of the three units was around ID3 […]

First Power Pylon Arrives in Basra in February

The governor of Basra, Shaltagh Abboud, discussed with the director of a Turkish manufacturer of electricity pylons the necessary procedures for the arrival of power-generating pylons in the province, according to a local official source on Thursday. “The pylons, scheduled to start to arrive in February, would be linked to the national power grid in […]

Mosul's Dam and Fears of Collapse Returns

Fears rise again regarding the collapse of Mosul's Dam and its passive impacts on the area amid serious attempts to contain the crisis and other governmental efforts to solve it. In a press conference held yesterday, Minister of Planning and Developmental Cooperation Ali Ghalib Baban said" there are projects and offers presented by international firms […]

$18 Million Electricity Projects in Basra – Official

U.S. reconstruction team has started implementing electricity projects in Basra with a total cost of $18.8 million to save energy and reduce the power cut, a general manager of Basra electricity said on Friday. “The projects include extending 14 cables with11kV power at a cost of $5.4 million to save power through the national net,” […]

U.S. Reconstruction Team Conducts Electricity Project in Basra

The U.S. reconstruction team in Basra has carried out an electricity project in the province at a total cost of $363,500 U.S. dollars, the team's head said on Sunday. "The project included the establishment of a high and low pressure networks in al-Qibla area (western Basra)," the head of the U.S. reconstruction team in the […]

PRT Will Have No Big Projects in Basra in 2010 – Gov.

The U.S. Provincial Reconstruction Team (P.R.T) will have no big projects in Basra in 2010, Gov. Shaltagh al-Mayiah said on Thursday. “They will be preparing to depart,” Gov. al-Mayiah said in a press conference in Basra attended by Aswat al-Iraq news agency. He said that the P.R.T’s role in Basra will be limited to consultancy. […]

$24m to Build Sewage Network in Basra

The U.S. Provincial Reconstruction Team has embarked on a $24.400 million project to remove unhealthy water and build a sanitary sewage network in the southern Iraq city of Basra, the PRT chief said on Thursday. “Two networks costing $22.200 million will be erected in the areas of al-Abbas and al-Qibla to serve about 40,000 local […]

ID41billion Cost for 91 Water and Sewage Projects in Karbala

Ninety-one water and sewage projects were finalized in Karbala in 2009 at a total cost of ID41 billion, a local council member said on Thursday. “The projects were carried out by local firms and contractors,” Dr. Abbass Nasser Hassani, a member of the Karbala Provincial Council, told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. He said that the […]

Call to Have Censorship to Follow Service Projects' Execution

The Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki visited yesterday Muthana Province and met its Governor and other high rank officials. Maliki opened at his visit the Rumaitha water Project and put the cornerstone for Samawa Luna Park. He called in a press statement from Samawa to form censorship system to track the ongoing service projects and to […]

Solar Water Project Implemented in Mosul Village

The water department in Ninewa has completed work on a solar water project in southeastern Mosul City, a local official said on Wednesday. “Technical teams have completed work on a water unit in Hawi Omm Aslan village, al-Namroud district (southeastern Mosul),” the director of al-Namroud district, Ahmed Obeid al-Issi, told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. The […]