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Weekly Security Update for 30th March 2011

Levels of violence continue to creep up in Iraq. Tuesday’s deadly attack on a government building in Tikrit serves as a reminder that terrorist groups retain the ability to conduct horrific attacks in the country. Otherwise terrorist activity was concentrated in Baghdad and Mosul. The south saw a slight rise in activity but it remains […]

Managing a Crisis

Crisis management When it was announced that the Arab League summit would take place in Baghdad, many leaders expressed concerns for the safety of the event. Now, several months later, the tables have turned in the Middle East, and some of those leaders are facing a much more hazardous situation at home. It has been […]

Weekly Security Update for 26th March 2011

Overview Levels of violence crept up once again in Iraq last week. What is of concern is that this violence was attributed almost entirely to terrorists and militants, whereas recent weeks saw an increase in violence related to civil unrest. Protests subsided (to a degree) last week but more hostile elements, capable of inflicting far […]

Kurdistan to Hire 3,000 New Police

The Kurdistan Region's police chief said his office has proposed to recruit an additional 3,000 new policemen. Abdullah Khaylani told AKnews that the Kurdistan Interior Ministry agreed to the proposal, and it is currently being discussed in the regional Council of Ministers. The Council will respond to the demand after the ratification of the Kurdistan […]

Director of SOMO Reported Killed

According the a report from Aswat al-Iraq, the Director General of Iraq’s State Oil Marketing Organisation (SOMO), whom it names as Hussein Jamal Abdullah, has been shot dead in Baghdad. The attack was carried out by a group of armed men close to west Baghdad’s People’s Stadium. A colonel in the Iraqi Army has also […]

Weapons Destroyed to Support International Trade

MAG (pronounced “Mag”) – Mines Advisory Group – is a neutral and impartial humanitarian organisation that clears the remnants of conflict for the benefit of communities worldwide. MAG has destroyed more than 430 deadly weapons that were threatening the lives of truck drivers and blocking development at one of the biggest trading points between Iraq […]

US Countersues KBR for Alleged Kickbacks

Bloomberg reports that KBR managers in Iraq and Kuwait are accused by US authorities of taking $45,000 in kickbacks from a dining facility subcontractor from late 2002 through 2003. Terry Hall, who was KBR’s regional food services manager for the two countries, and his deputy, Luther Holmes, were accused of violating the False Claims Act […]

Iraqis Protest Against Bahrain's Rulers

About 7,000 Iraqis protested in the southern oil hub of Basra on Saturday against the presence of Saudi troops in Bahrain, highlighting the sectarian divide in Iraq. Reuters reports that anger has been mounting among Shi'ites in Iraq, Lebanon and Iran over the movement of troops from Sunni Arab states to help Bahrain's Sunni royal […]


Iraq Needs Another 12,000 Oil Police

Iraq may not be able to protect its oil facilities because of a shortage of equipment and trained oil police, despite intelligence suggesting new attacks on the vital sector, according to Major General Hamid Ibrahim, head of Iraq's oil protection force. Reuters quotes him as blaming al Qaeda for recent attacks on the Baiji [Bayji, […]


Danish Company Improves Security at Iraqi Ports

The general manager of the Iraqi ports company said on Wednesday that the company had completed a $5 million [6 billion Iraqi dinar] contract with a Danish firm to set up watchtowers in all ports to monitor the works and prevent irregularities. Salah Khudair Abboud told AKnews that the technical staff of the Communications Engineering […]

Weekly Security Update for 16th March 2011

Overview Levels of violence are still higher in Iraq than in January and February, but conditions did not significantly worsen over the past week. There was a decline in the number of violent protests taking place countrywide although there was also a rise in bomb attacks, particularly in Baghdad. The northern city of Mosul saw a […]

Head of Iraq's SWAT Team Arrested for Corruption

The commander of Iraq's rapid response force has been arrested on suspicion of corruption. According to a report from Reuters, Brigadier General Numan Dakhil was caught during a sting operation in which he was filmed taking a $50,000 bribe from a contractor. Sabah al-Saedi, a member of the Integrity Committee, said that Brigadier General Numan […]