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United States to Sell F16 Jets to Iraq

AK News quotes a spokesman of the American military in Iraq as saying that they will supply Lockheed Martin F-16 jets to the Iraqi Air Force. "There are discussions between Baghdad and Washington to buy F-16 jets to support the Iraqi security forces and the Iraqi air force," Gen. Stephen Lanza said. "My country is […]

Weekly Security Update

National Overview It is estimated that 150 key figures including politicians, civil servants, tribal chiefs, police officers, Sunni clerics and members of the Sahwa militia (Awakening Council) have been assassinated throughout Iraq since the election on 07 March. This is a notably high incidence of targeted killings and highlights the current period of political instability. […]

Security Still a Deterrent, but Perceptions Improving

A new survey of senior businesspeople by the Economist Intelligence Unit finds that investor perceptions of Iraq are slowly improving, despite the country’s many problems. Preliminary results from our survey of 300 executives – all of whom have direct input into their company’s decisions on doing business in the Middle East – show that the […]

Iraq's Navy Will Be Ready to Defend Oil Rigs

The Iraqi Navy is on track to assume full command of protecting Iraq's vital offshore platforms within the next two years, outgoing US Navy 5th Fleet commander, Vice Admiral Bill Gortney said Monday. 'We are working very closely with the Iraqi Navy and within two years we will be ready to turn over the entire […]

Oil Flow to Turkey Resumes

Further to our report yesterday on the attack on the Kirkuk-Ceyhan Pipeline, Israel National News reports that oil started to flow again on Monday. A bomb, reportedly planted by Kurdish resistance fighters, had temporarily halted pumping on the Kirkuk to Ceyhan pipeline at the weekend. The bombing by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) added a […]


Iraqi Pipeline Fire Put out

Iraqi firemen put out a fire caused by a bomb explosion in northern Baghdad on Tuesday, according to a report from Xinhua News Agency, citing an Iraqi security forces spokesman. The attack took place earlier in the day in the al- Rashediyah district just north of the Iraqi capital, sparking a huge fire, said Qassim […]

Attack on Cash Convoy in Baghdad Thwarted

Iraqi police thwarted a bomb attack on a convoy transporting cash to and from Iraq's central bank on Tuesday, detonating it in a controlled explosion after clearing the area, according to a report from AFP. The bomb was planted in a rubbish skip in the Rasheed Street area in the heart of Baghdad, and the […]


Weekly Security Update

National Overview There were 105 incidents reported nationally between 20 – 26 June showing a small decrease in the level of incidents from the previous week when 123 were officially reported. The number of Explosively Formed Projectiles used in that period dropped from eight to two, both of which occurred in Basra, targeting a Private […]


Are there really people in 112 countries waiting to hear from you?

Is your business in Iraq or going to Iraq or just thinking about it? Either way our community of subscribers and readers in 112 countries will almost certainly contain people who could become customers or influence buying decisions. Some of them may already be customers. Either way, telling them about your business, keeping your name […]

Weekly Security Update

National Overview The number of incidents reported nationally showed a slight decrease from 145 last week to 123 incidents this week.  Marked fluctuations in incident levels have become characteristic of the security picture in 2010 as security force initiatives reach the more difficult stage of trying to uproot the foundation of insurgent groups in Iraq. […]

The plateau: How to cope with prolonged insecurity in Iraq

For those who have followed Iraqi security on a daily basis since 2003, if not before, the current security situation in Iraq is nothing short of a miracle. In the dark days of 2006, the daily listing of violent incidents was 150 or 200-long, and we all knew that much of the sectarian cleansing was […]