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Iraq Reparations to Kuwait Extended to 2022

By John Lee. The United Nations Compensation Commission (UNCC), which was established to pay compensation for losses and damage as a direct result of Iraq's unlawful invasion of Kuwait in 1990, has made available $230 million to the Government of Kuwait towards the Commission's remaining claim with an outstanding award balance. With this payment, the […]

Iraq pushes for Rescheduling of Reparations to Kuwait

Iraq's Minister of Finance, Ali Allawi, arrived in Kuwait on Saturday for talks with senior officials. Mr. Allawi held discussions with the Prime Minister of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid Al-Sabah, on bilateral relations and delivered a written message from Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi. He also held talks with the Minister of Finance, Barrak Al-Shitan, the […]

UNCC Pays $270m to Kuwait

On Tuesday, the United Nations Compensation Commission (UNCC) made available $270 million to the Governmentof the State of Kuwait towards the Commission’s remaining claim with an outstanding award balance. The United Nations Compensation Commission was established in 1991 in accordance with Security Council resolutions 687 (1991) and 692 (1991) to process claims and pay compensation […]

Japanese Company considers Gas Pipeline and Petchem Plant

By John Lee. Iraq has reportedly contracted Japan’s Toyo Engineering to help build a gas pipeline to Kuwait and a petrochemical plant as Baghdad. According to a report from Reuters, the move will help Iraq to reduce flaring and finish paying the reparations owed to Kuwait for the invasion in 1990. The project would allow […]

Iraq to send Gas to Kuwait for Gulf War Compensation

By John Lee. Kuwait's Oil Minister, Essam Al-Marzouq, has said his government has agreed to receive natural gas from Iraq in part payment of it Gulf War reparations. According to a report from BasNews, Iraq will initially send 50 million cubic meters of natural gas (per day?), later increasing to 200 million cubic meters; KUNA […]

Kuwait Defers Final War Reparation Payment

By John Lee. Finance Minister Hoshiyar Zebari (pictured) has said that Kuwait has postponed the final instalment of reparations for Iraq's 1990-91 occupation until 2017. The move, requested by Iraq, will help alleviate the cash crisis in Baghdad caused by lower oil prices and war with the Islamic State group (IS, ISIS, ISIL). According to Reuters, […]

Kuwait Agrees to Reschedule Iraqi Debt

By John Lee. Iraqi Foreign Minister, Dr. Ibrahim Al Ashaiqer Al Jaafari, has said that Iraq appreciates Kuwait's agreement to postpone payment of the remaining debt (reparations) due to be paid by Iraq this year until 2017. The minister praised the Kuwaiti Government and people for their support of Iraq in its war against the […]

War Reparations Reprieve Confirmed

By John Lee. The U.N. Compensation Commission (UNCC) agreed on Thursday to allow Iraq to postpone its final payment of reparations to Kuwait for the Gulf War. Iraq will have until January 2016 to begin paying the remaining $4.6 billion (5.4 trillion Iraqi dinars) that it owes for the destruction of oil fields during its […]

Kuwait Agrees to Delay Reparations

By John Lee. Reuters reports that Kuwait has accepted an Iraqi government request to delay payment of $4.6 billlion in war reparations, pending further discussions in Geneva. The reparations were imposed by the U.N. Security Council following Iraq's 1990 invasion of Kuwait, but the country's finances have been strained by the falling oil price and […]

Iraq Seeks to Delay Kuwait Reparations

By John Lee. Iraq's Finance Minister, Hoshyar Zebari (pictured), has told Reuters that he is trying to postpone the final $4.6 billion installment of reparations for its 1990-91 occupation of Kuwait. To fund its reparations commitments, Iraq pays 5 percent of its crude oil exports to the U.N. Compensation Commission (UNCC). So far, nearly all […]

Another $1.2bn Compensation Paid to Kuwait

The United Nations Compensation Commission (UNCC), which settles the damage claims of those who suffered losses due to Iraq’s 1990 invasion of Kuwait, today made $1.19 billion (1.4 trillion Iraqi dinars) available to the Government of Kuwait. With today’s payment, the Commission has disbursed $46.7 billion, leaving approximately $5.7 billion remaining to be directed to […]