Oil and Gas Fields: Majnoon

ScreenHunter_1469 Feb. 12 18.13Name: Majnoon

Controlled by: Ministry of Oil (Baghdad).

Location: Basra governorate, 60 km northwest of Basra city, extending northerly toward the Maysan governorate.

Discovery: 1975

Reserves: 13 billion barrels of oil

Size: 60 kilometres long and 15 km wide

Developed by: State-owned Basra Oil Company (BOC) took over the field at the end of June 2018, with operations and maintenance contracted to Chinese company Anton Oilfield Services Group (Antonoil) and the US company KBR. Originally awarded in 2009 to Shell (45%), Petronas (30%) and Maysan Oil Company (25%).

Contract granted: Originally awarded in second licensing round (2009), then re-awarded in 2018.

Contract duration: 20 years.

Remuneration: $1.39 per barrel of oil

Plateau production target: 1.8 million bpd.

Other companies involved in the development: Kentz, Foster Wheeler, Petrofac, Halliburton, Novatec, KBR, Anton Oilfield Services (Antonoil), Ducorr, Ergil (Aager), Proserv Controls

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