How to invest Safely in Iraq

Many investors want to partake in buying and selling of shares on the Iraq Stock Exchange but do not know how to go about it.

Our experts guide you through the many options open to investors.

For example it is not easy to buy property due to laws prohibiting foreign purchasers.

The Iraq Stock Exchange ISX is liquid.

We explain the added protection afforded to the foreign investor.

The Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX) step-by-step guide includes:
• Information on Trading (I.O.T)
• Trading for the non-Iraqi
• Iraq Stock Exchange complete governance list
• Iraqi Bank Law
• Iraqi Companies’ Law
• ISX Brokers List
• ISX Company List
• ISX Law
• List of Banks in Iraq
• Step-by-step process on how to invest on the Iraq Stock Exchange ISX
• Application form
If you are interested in buying shares on the Iraq Stock Exchange ISX, this instruction guide is all you need to get started.

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