Who's Who in the Gulf 2013

The new edition of Who's Who in the Gulf profiles the lives and achievements of thousands of the most distinguished men and women from the Gulf States of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

From heads of state, politicians, religious leaders and ambassadors, to the eminent and successful in business, finance, technology, film, music, fashion, sport, literature and the performing arts, Who's Who in the Gulf is one of the most useful reference books for anyone needing quick and authoritative information on the leading personalities in the Gulf States.

Who's Who in the Gulf includes up-to-date:

- Biographies of the most influential men and women in the Gulf States.

- Entries are included on merit, achievement and for their continuing interest and importance.

- Each biography includes details of; nationality, date and place of birth, education, marital and family details, past career and current position, honours, awards and publications, leisure interests and contact details.

Who's Who in the Gulf will be of special interest to public and academic libraries, international organisations, embassies, businesses, the media, scientific and professional bodies and anyone with an interest in the Middle

The book and CD-Rom combinations offers the quality of content of a print edition with all the advantages of a CD-Rom database.

For a up-to-date understanding of the key personalities in this vital region of the Middle East, Who's Who in the Gulf is a must!

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