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AUK and Alexandrion agree on Collaboration

The American University of Kurdistan (AUK) has hosted executives of the Alexandrion Foundation, the philanthropic division of the Alexandrion Group, to formalize collaboration. This partnership with the Alexandrion Foundation is exciting for AUK as an institution, its students as individuals, and Kurdistan as a region. Local TV channels converged on the AUK Rotunda to capture […]

Five One Labs and AUK support Entrepreneurs in Duhok

From 51 Labs: Five One Labs and AUK Collaborate to Provide Entrepreneurs a Community in Duhok In a panel discussion at The American University of Kurdistan in Duhok, Five One Labs and AUK announced a partnership with AUK hosting our organization for a long-term program for students and entrepreneurs in Duhok. This partnership will support […]

US gives $4m to American University of Kurdistan

US Consul General Robert Waller visited the American University of Kurdistan (AUK) and met with its president, Dr. Randall Rhodes. They announced the "Support to American-Style Higher Education in Iraq" program, with a $4 million grant from the U.S. Department of State. AUK is now partnered with six U.S. universities. This grant will support accreditation […]