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The remarkable survival of Rafideen Bank

The Manager of Rafideen bank, Alyasiry, said Wednesday that the bank has overcome a recommendation by a foreign company to sell or privatize the bank. The company was called in to evaluate the bank’s  financial situation after 2003. He says that the bank is working on completing the rules of comprehensive electronic exchange which would […]

Turkish (ف‏ Bank) to Open in Erbil

Turkish (ف‏ Bank) intends to open a branch in Erbil, according to a senior official from the Department of international banks in the bank. The official said that the bank had started to establish a Division in  Erbil, which is more secure than other areas, adding that after completion, they will consult the Iraqi Central […]

CBI Sells $175m on Tuesday

The Central Bank of Iraq’s (CBI) dollar sales increased to $175.486 million in its daily auction on Tuesday, compared to $93.53 million in the previous session. “The demand hit $7.5 million in cash, covered at an exchange rate of 1,183 Iraqi dinars per dollar, and $167.986 million in foreign transfers outside the country, covered at […]

Banks Cancel Holiday

The state-run banks in Thi-Qar province have canceled their Saturday holiday and extended their working hours until 05:00 p.m. in an attempt to serve more clients. This decision came after Governor Taleb al-Hassan had met with retired people who were queuing for a long wait to receive their salaries, according to a statement released by […]