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Call to Reschedule Iraq's Debt

Following Iraq's exit last week from the UN's Chapter VII restrictions, an Iraqi economist has called for a rescheduling of the country's debt repayments. “Iraq’s financial funds are under UN trusteeship, according to UN’s Article 7,” Dr. Nabil Jaafar of Basra Univesity told Aswat al-Iraq news agency, pointing out that “the official and private debtors […]

Iraq Is On The Cusp Of Something Remarkable

The UN Security Council finally decided on Wednesday to remove many of the 'Chapter VII' restrictions imposed on Iraq in the wake of the invasion of Kuwait in 1990. This makes Iraq more independent, and is another step in putting the country on equal terms with the rest of the world. As US Vice-President Joe […]

Iraq Chapter VII - What People are Saying

Following today's momentous decision by the UN Security Council to ease several longstanding Chapter VII restrictions on Iraq, politicians close to the discussions were all in agreement that this was a major step forward for the country. US Vice President Joe Biden, who chaired the meeting, said "Iraq is on the cusp of something remarkable […]

Full Details of UN Statement on Iraq

Today's session of United Nations Security Council, which led to the crucially important easing of restriction on Iraq, was chaired by the US Vice President, Joe Biden (pictured). The following is the text of the statement issued from his office, including full details of the decisions made by the Council. Today marks an important milestone […]

UN Ends Iraq's Saddam-Era Sanctions

The UN Security Council decided on Wednesday to lift several longstanding Chapter VII restrictions on Iraqi  trade and activity. In summary, the 15-nation Council passed three resolutions: Resolution  1956, which terminates the UN supervised arrangements for the  Development Fund for Iraq on June 30, 2011, which will allow Iraq to take full responsibility for its […]

UN to Lift Ban on Iraq Nuclear Imports?

The United States hopes the U.N. Security Council will lift restrictions on the import of nuclear technology to Iraq, even though Baghdad has not ratified a U.N. agreement on tough atomic inspections, according to a report from Reuters. At a meeting on Wednesday to be chaired by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, the 15-nation Security […]

UN Moves Towards Ending Iraq's Chapter VII

Expected Council Action The US (Council president in December) has scheduled a high profile meeting of the Council on Iraq on 15 December. US Vice President Joseph Biden is expected to chair the meeting. It was unclear at time of writing at what level other Council members would participate. It seems that the rationale for […]

United Nations to Discuss Iraq's Chapter VII

The United Nations Security Council will hold a high-level event on 15 December on the subject of Iraq, which will be chaired by United States Vice President Joe Biden, and attended by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the US permanent representative to the United Nations announced today. The event will be “an important opportunity for the international […]

Kuwait and Iraq Agree New Border Deal

Iraq and Kuwait have agreed to create a 500-metre no-man's land on each side of the border, and to move Iraqi farmers to new homes, a Kuwaiti official said today (Wednesday). The Al-Seyassah daily quoted foreign ministry official Jassem Al-Mubaraki as saying that under the deal, Kuwait undertakes to build up to 50 homes inside […]

France Pushes to Remove Iraq from Chapter VII

The French Ambassador to Baghdad, Boris Bouillon, said on Tuesday that he wants to remove Iraq from UN Chapter VII, despite the difficulties they face, pointing at the same time the desire of French companies to enter the Iraqi market. In an interview with Alsumaria News, the Ambassador said, “France has a strategic vision towards […]