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UN Reaffirms Support in Fight Against Corruption

The Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General (SRSG) Mr. Nickolay Mladenov (pictured) has reaffirmed UN support to Iraq in its fight against corruption. This came at the opening session of the Baghdad Second International Forum on Stolen Assets Recovery, which was organized by the Integrity Commission. “The UN is taking accountability, transparency and anti-corruption […]

$6b Refinery Deal to be Investigated

By John Lee. An Iraqi parliamentary committee has asked the Commission of Integrity to investigate the contract awarded to Satarem to build a $6-billion refinery in Maysan. Iraq Business News‘ Expert Blogger Ahmed Mousa Jiyad recently questioned the legitimacy of the contract signed with the Swiss company, prompting the Ministry of Oil to issue a statement […]

Sunni Endowment Official Arrested for Bribery

By John Lee. A team from Iraq’s Commission on Integrity (CoI) has arrested an official of the Sunni Endowment for taking bribes to from investors in return for the use of a property owned by the Endowment. The official is accused of taking a bribe of $250,000 in return for the use of the Sara […]

Maliki: Some Financial Corruption Politically Motivated

By John Lee. Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki has said that some financial corruption is politically motivated, and some is exaggerated by the media. During the 6th Annual Integrity Commission Conference, the Prime Minister said that the fight against corruption should not be part of political wrangling, because it gives corrupt people a chance to escape […]

60% of Parliament in Breach of Financial Disclosure Rules

By John Lee. Iraq’s Commission on Integrity reports that Deputy Prime Minister Salih al-Mutlaq has still not complied with the country’s financial disclosure requirements, despite that fact that Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and the other two of his three deputy Prime ministers have presented their financial disclosure statements to the Commission. President Jalal Talabani has also […]

MPs Fail to Comply with Financial Disclosure Requirements

By John Lee. Iraq’s Commission on Integrity reports that Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and two of his three deputy prime ministers have presented their financial disclosure statements to the Commission. The commission reports that Rowsh N Shaways and Hussain al-Sharistani are the two deputy PMs who have submitted their documents, implying that Salih al-Mutlaq has […]

Iraqi Dinar Exchange Rate Manipulated?

By John Lee. Investigators in Iraq have opened an inquiry into alleged manipulation of the exchange rate between the Iraqi dinar (IQD) and the US dollar, and arrest warrants have reportedly been issued for several officials including the head of the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI). Hassan Karim Aati, spokesman for the Commission on Integrity, […]

Hundreds Convicted of Fraud in 1st Half 2012

By John Lee. In the first half of this year, Iraq’s courts have issued 754 judgments in cases dealing with corruption and fraud involving public money, claims the Commission on Integrity. The cases, referred to the courts by the Commission, resulted in 816 convictions. In some cases, those convicted will remain in jail following completion […]

Integrity Commission Highlights Fraud at Rafidain Bank

Iraq’s Commission on Integrity has revealed details of fraudulent credit operations in the Ministry of Defense’s branch of Rafidain Bank, noting that the director of the bank granted illegal loans in excess of “150 billion Iraqi dinars” ($129 million). The commission said that the director of the bank allowed conditions for the granting of loans […]

Commission on Integrity Arrests Fake Inspector

Iraq’s Commission on Integrity has arrested a man who was passing himself off as an Inspector General of the Commission. According to the Commission, the man, who was not named, used official government cars and was protected by police. He allegedly tricked his way into police stations and other official offices to gather names of […]

Integrity Commission Refers 1088 Cases to Courts in 3 Months

Iraq’s Commission on Integrity referred hundreds of cases of suspected corruption, involving 1088 suspected criminals, to the judiciary in the first quarter of this year. The total value of the frauds involved comes to $69 million (83 billion Iraqi dinars). A organisation’s quarterly report breaks down the cases by region: Baghdad /Al-Rysafa: 67 cases; Al-Karkh office, […]