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Corporate sustainability in post-conflict Iraq

By Tariq Abdell, Iraq’s political risk analyst, and Founder & CEO, Mesopotamia Insight The opinions expressed here are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News.  Iraq’s impending multi-billion dollar mega-reconstruction projects (housing, roads, hospitals, bridges, airports, schools, dams, etc...) and its colossal and untapped natural resources - […]

Gulf Keystone Crashes on Legal Battle

Shares in Gulf Keystone fell 30% on Wednesday as markets opened for the first time since last week, when Excalibur Ventures in New York issued a legal challenge. Three hours after the London market opened the share price has recovered somewhat, but still leaves a fall of around 10% at 167 pence. Excalibur believes it is entitled […]

$3bn Plastics Plant Announced

South Korea's STX Heavy Industries concluded a deal with Iraq for a petrochemical plant in the southern city of Basra, according to Aswat al-Iraq. A Basra official said.“The delegation discussed with the governor the mechanism to implement a memorandum of understanding the company signed with the industry ministry to rehabilitate the petrochemical complex in Basra.” The […]

Oil Infrastructure Set for Boost

The oil minister, Abdul Karim al-Luaibi, has been busy in the few days since his appointment. Not only has he announced that exports from the northern Kurdistan region are to resume, but he has also promised that the focus will be on rebuilding the decayed oil infrastructure, according to the Arab Times. Al-Luaibi, who has […]

Basra Could Become Semi-Autonomous

With a new Iraqi government now finally formed, Basra's desire for a referendum on becoming semi-autonomous may finally get past Baghdad's stalling tactics. The Iraqi constitution allows provinces to become semi-autonomous, just like the northern region of Kurdistan. The Associated Press reported on the pros and cons, writing that Basra would be able to stop […]

$10m Tourist Resort in Iraq

A tourist resort has been opened this week in central Amara, 150km north of Basra, at a cost of more than 12 billion dinars, reports Aswat al-Iraq. It is part of a 2007 plan to construct a tourist town in the southern city, which is better known for its marshes and Mesopotamian sites. “Adan tourist resort […]

World's Most Dangerous Motorway gets Beauty Treatment

Baghdad's airport road was considered the most dangerous motorway in the world, but the city is now turning it into "the most beautiful street in the world", according to AFP. The US military had called it "RPG alley" (that's rocket-propelled grenade), as road users were at the receiving end of particularly frequent attacks during 2006 and 2007. […]

Another Expo, Another $50m Invested in Iraq

 It may be that the International DBX Trade Fair in Sulaymaniyah city in the Kurdistan region was one trade fair too many in Iraq, as it was unable to draw in the numbers that it wanted to in the four days to Sunday, 14th November. And yet, despite being held in the middle of nowhere easy […]

Property Bubble in Iraq

Property prices rose fast in Baghdad in recent years, going up 50% and even 100% in many places. Now, Nina News reports that property-price rises in Wasit Province, halfway between Baghdad in central Iraq and Basra in the south-east, are "insane". Prices in the province are far exceeding those of neighbouring ones. The price per […]

Iraq Rises as Western Nations Fall

Iraq's developing situation continues to astound me when I contrast it with much of the west. Take the UK, where Prime Minister David Cameron has on 20 October announced £81bn ($127bn) of cuts from total government expenditure of £661bn ($1,040bn), the largest budget cuts in decades by a large margin. All this it needs to […]

Iraq Wants Hundreds of US Billions

...and it looks like it is going to get it. Iraq has lofty investment targets for the next five years. Sami al-Araji, chairman of Iraq's National Investment Commission, told Reuters: "We'd like to go ahead and shoot for $600 billion. We hope of course we can realize it, but we will be very happy if we […]

100s More Companies in Iraq

Kurdistan's sixth international trade fair in Erbil opened on Monday with 850 companies from 25 countries. Hundreds of companies are at the fair for the first time. Albert Awun of EFB Arak, which organised the fair, told AKnews: "The percentage of the participating new companies in the exhibition compared to last year is about 50%, while the […]