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Zebari Confirms $5.4bn IMF Standby Loan

By Simon Kent. Iraq's Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari (pictured)¬†and the IMF's¬†Christian Josz (head of the IMF Iraq mission) have announced a standby loan for Iraq, following weeks of negotiations in Jordan. The loan is conditional on Iraq taking certain measures, for example, complying with an IMF monitoring scheme to reduce public sector expenditure and make […]

Iraq's Future: Open Markets or Central Planning?

As we reported in recent days, Iraq has decided to offer 18 factories to foreign investors to renovate and run, on very attractive terms. According to the reports, the deals are to be sweetened by some very interventionist means, such as paying half the wages of Iraqi workers in those plants, and restricting the importation […]

Privatisation is the Way Forward

An Iraqi economic expert said on Thursday that the Iraqi government should embark on a privatization program to improve the state of industry in the country. Fadhel Al-Moussawi told AKnews, "The Iraqi government has not been successful in improving the country's industrial conditions in the past several years due to the reluctance and lack of […]