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KRG Seeks Mine Clearance Tools

By Patrick M Schmidt. A Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) official has announced that security forces need more advanced equipment to clear minefields in areas once controlled by the Islamic State (IS). He also suggested there was a need for machines that can detect mines and also dispose of buried ordinance. “During the short time that […]

Video: Majnoon - from Battlefield to Oilfield

One of the largest oilfields in the world is back in operation after an unorthodox upgrade. The boost in oil production from the Majnoon field in southern Iraq is expected to contribute significantly to meeting global energy demand. It could also help regenerate a country ravaged by war. But redeveloping what was once a raging […]

ERW Removed from Village in Kirkuk

Some 1,189 hazardous items (explosive remnants of war - ERW) have been removed from the village of Chimany Ferqa Kirkuk by the Mines Advisory Group (MAG). Among the items destroyed were 78 anti-tank landmines (pictured), 307 anti-personnel landmines, 114 trip flares and 690 small arms ammunition. MAG teams came to the village after an anti-tank […]

US Hosts Humanitarian Demining Roundtable

The U.S. Embassy has hosted a roundtable discussion with Iraqi and international partner Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) on humanitarian demining activities in Iraq. Iraq is one of the most heavily mined countries in the world, and the U.S. Government has provided more than $250 million to support demining projects in Iraq since 2003. Participants noted significant […]