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Removing Zeros from Iraqi Dinar to Start in Sept

AKnews reports that the process of removing three zeros from the Iraqi dinar and replacing current banknotes with new ones will begin in September. The announcement, which will see the Iraqi Central Bank (ICB) re-print 30 trillion dinars ($26 billion), was made despite government fear over the project. Abdul-Hussein Abtan, a member of the economic […]

ICB Submits New Law on Money Laundering

AKnews reports that an adviser at the Iraqi Central Bank (ICB) stated on Tuesday that a new law has been submitted to the parliament to combat money laundering in coordination with other government institutions, in order to provide greater protection for Iraq's economic system. Muzher Mohammed Saleh told AKnews that the new law is more […]

Central Bank: Educate Public on Paying Taxes

The Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) stated on Thursday that the assumed value of taxs in the 2011 budget is amounted to 2.7 trillion Iraqi dinars, that is 3% of the state budget. Muzher Mouhammed Saleh, the adviser of the ICB, told AKnews that the tax file is semi-disabled in Iraq due to the poor […]