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Al-Rafidain Bank sets Interest Rates

By John Lee. The state-owned Al-Rafidain Bank has announced the following interest rates: and fixed deposits for the citizens' accounts for the year 2022 in an effort to raise the economic and living standard of the citizen. The interest rate for Savings accounts: 4% for one year. Fixed deposit rate: 4.5% for six months; 5% […]

Iraqi Inflation Continues to Fall

A senior official in the Iraqi Central Bank said that inflation in Iraq continuedto fall in June and reached 2.7%, compared with 3% in May. The Central Bank of Iraq slashed its base rate by 100 basis points to six per cent in April in reaction to subdued inflation, though the interest rate is considered […]

Bank Reduces Interest Rates to Encourage Investment

An Iraqi Economist said on Thursday that the Central Bank began to reduce interest rates by approximately six percent for loans and four percent for bank deposits, to encourage investments in the country, after a series of robberies that took place recently on Iraqi banks. The expert said: "This shift reflects a new policy of […]