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Destroyed Oil Infrastructure costs IS up to $6.5m/mth

In teleconference remarks from Baghdad on Wednesday, the commander of Combined Joint Task Force - Operation Inherent Resolve reported progress and success in the U.S.-coalition forces’ campaign to bring lasting defeat to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Army Lt. Gen. Stephen J. Townsend described a decidedly different situation in Iraq and Syria […]

ISIL Oil Revenues Slashed

Iraqi and Kurdish forces are about 5 miles from Mosul’s outskirts and are clearing towns and villages to the north, east and south of Iraq’s second-largest city, Pentagon Press Operations director Navy Capt. Jeff Davis told reporters yesterday. The United States is seeing what Davis called “unprecedented cooperation” between the Iraqi and Kurdish forces, which […]

Daesh Oil Revenue Falls

By John Lee. The Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament has said that the ability of the so-called Islamic State militant group (IS, ISIS, ISIL, Daesh ) to profit from illicit oil sales has declined, as the terrorists lose control over the captured territories. Saleem Jubouri (pictured) told Sputnik: "Daesh used [oil] fields to earn money, especially […]

Air Strikes Decimate ISIS Oil Production

By Simon Kent. When Coalition aircraft began targeting ISIS oil operations last year, they did so under strict rules of engagement that were designed to minimize civilian casualties: many of those transporting the oil were deemed civilians trying to earn a living under ISIS rule. Tactics in the early days of the Tidal Wave II […]