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Turkish Firm Opens New Power Plant

The new al-Hayrat [Khayrat] power plant in Karbala was officially opened on Friday. At a ceremony to mark the event, Iraq’s Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs, Hussein al-Shahristani, thanked the Turkish company Calik Energy for completing the project successfully and on time. Ahmet Calik (pictured), CEO of Calik Holdings, said: "Al Hayrat energy power […]

Iraq's Biggest Power Plant - Calik Energy Signs Contract

A Turkish energy company signed a deal with the Iraqi government on Thursday to build a power plant at a cost of $445.5 million [521 billion Iraqi dinars]. The deal between Turkey’s Calik Enerji and the Iraqi Electricity Ministry is for the construction of the 1,250 megawatt al-Hayrat [Khayrat?] plant in Karbala. Calik Holding CEO, […]

Metito Wins Iraq Water Contract

UAE-based Metito has signed a contract worth 33 billion Iraqi Dinars ($28.3 million) with Al Mustakbal Al Saeed (MSGC) for increasing its provision of potable water across Iraq. MSGC said the contract is for design and construction of Hindiyah water treatment plant located just east of the city of Karbala. The project aims to supply […]