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Security in Iraq: Location, Location, Location

By Padraig O'Hannelly. Delegates attending CWC's Kirkuk & Mosul Megaprojects conference in London have been told that while Iraq "has never experienced as small a number of security incidents in the post 2003-era as it is now ... there are some parts of Iraq that are experiencing as many incidents as they did in, say, […]

Details of Reconstruction Projects in Liberated Areas

By Padraig O'Hannelly. Iraq's Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Construction, Housing, Municipalities and General Works has presented details of reconstruction projects underway in areas affected by terrorism. Dr Dara Reshid, who is also Vice President of the Reconstruction Fund for Areas Affected by Terroristic Operations (REFAATO), told CWC's Kirkuk & Mosul Megaprojects conference in […]