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Missan Emerges as Major Oil Producer

By John Lee. The Province of Missan has emerged as a major oil producer in Iraq as more of its oil fields come on stream. Ali Muaarij, the head of Missan Oil Company, said foreign firms are developing these fields and currently the province produces 230,000 bpd. He said he expected the Missan fields to […]

Iraq Discovers Another Billion Barrels of Oil

By John Lee. Iraq has announced that it has discovered deposits of crude oil equivalent to one billion barrels of oil, following the first exploration work by state-owned firms in almost 30 years. The new oil find in Maysan [Missan] province, near the border with Iran, and could potentially make a significant addition to Baghdad's […]

Maysan Province Seeks to Control Local Oil Fields

By John Lee. A member of the Energy Committee in Maysan Provincial Council has called on the Ministry of Oil to grant the province the right to take part in running the oil sector in the province, according to a report from AIN. Ammar Nasrallah told the news agency: "We call to apply the constitutional […]

45 New Oil Wells Drilled in Maysan

By John Lee. The Missan Oil Company has announced the completion of 45 new oil wells in the province as well as the rehabilitation of a number of old wells. The Director General of the Company, Ali M'arij, told AIN that "the Chinese company PetroChina drilled 30 new oil wells and rehabilitated six old ones […]

Missan Oil Company to Drill 80 New Wells

By John Lee. The Missan Oil Company, Iraq’s third-largest state-owned oil company, plans to drill 80 new wells in the southeastern region, its director general, Ali Muarej, told Bloomberg. The plan is to boost crude oil output from its current level of 200,000 bpd to as much as 300,000 bpd next year. Half of Missan's production is […]

14 Wells Drilled at Bazargan Oil Field

The Director General of Missan Oil Company has announced that 14 of the 20 oil wells at Bazargan [Bazirgan] oil field have been drilled. He said that Weatherford accomplished the drilling operation in record time, and they were working on three of the remaining six wells. The wells have provided production capacity of 6,900 bpd. […]

Weatherford Completes Well #25 at Bazargan

The Missan Oil Company has completed the Bazargan [Bazirgan] oil well #25, which is reported by AIN to have a capacity of 170, 000 barrel per day. Ali Maarij, the Director General of the company said: "The US company Weatherford  recently finished digging Bazargan well within Bazargan field ... The well entered the service with […]

Iraq’s Crude Production Hits 20-Year High

Bloomberg reports that Iraq’s crude output rose to its highest level in 20 years, as CNPC's Halfaya oilfield ramped up production. Abdel Ilah Qassem al-Amir, a spokesman for Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Hussain al-Shahristani, told Bloomberg on Tuesday that output exceeded 3.07 million bpd. The Director General of the Missan Oil Company said […]

Shell Presses Ahead with Majnoon Development

At CWC‘s Iraq Petroleum 2012 conference in London last week, the head of Shell's operations in Iraq gave a detailed account of progress at the Majnoon oilfield, in which Shell has a 45% stake. Mr Hans Nijkamp said that Shell Iraq Petroleum Development manages all contracts on behalf of the Majnoon venture, and that there […]

Weatherford Completes 3 Wells in Bazirgan

The Director General of the Missan Oil Company has announced that Weatherford has finished the drilling of three oil wells in Bazirgan oilfield. The wells, (Bazirgan 30, 31, and 32) are part of a contract to drill 10 production wells and 10 reserve support wells. Weatherford has already completed the drilling of Bazirgan 24, 25, […]

Foreign Companies Keen to Work for Missan Oil

Aswat al-Iraq reports that a number of American, Malaysian, French and Japanese companies are interested in working in southern Iraq's Missan Oil Company. "The Internatoinal Oil Gas Exhibition, held in Basra Province, saw visits by dozens of foreign companies to the Missan Oil Company pavilion," Ali Abbas al-Turfy told the news agency, adding that "more […]

Missan Oil Co Boss is Sacked

The Chairman of Southern Iraq’s Missan Energy Committee has said on Thursday that the Province’s Council had decided to sack the Director-General of Missan Oil Company from his post. According to the report from Aswat al-Iraq, he has been accused of poor administration and failing to achieve higher oil production results during his assignment. “Missan […]