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New Oil Finds reported in Iraq's Anbar Province

By John Lee. The Governor of Anbar, Ali Farhan (pictured), has reportedly announced new oil discoveries in the province. According to the state-controlled Iraqi News Agency (INA), the finds are in the Nukhaib and Tharthar areas. Farhan is quoted as saying that, "the local government in Anbar worked to prepare the atmosphere for oil exploration […]

Oil Discovered at Block 10

By John Lee. Russia's Lukoil and Japan's Inpex have successfully completed the testing of the first exploratory well, Eridu 1, at Block 10 in Basra governorate. The well recorded a daily flow rate of more than 1,000 cubic meters of sweet oil from Mishrif horizon, confirming geological expectations of a large hydrocarbon field presence within […]

New Oil Discovery at Block 9

Kuwait Energy has announced that the consortium comprised of Kuwait Energy (70% and operator) and Dragon Oil (30%) has made its second oil discovery at 'Block 9', Iraq. The successful discovery was at the consortium's second target, the Yamama formation at 4,000 meters, in its Block 9 exploration well, ‘Faihaa-1’, located in Northern Basra, Iraq. […]

Oryx Petroleum Hits Oil at Banan-2

By John Lee. Oryx Petroleum has announced that the Banan-2 appraisal well (“BAN-2”) has been spudded in the Hawler license area in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Oryx Petroleum is the operator and has a 65% participating and working interest in the Hawler license area. Henry Legarre (pictured), Oryx Petroleum’s Chief Operating Officer, stated: “We […]

Swara Tika Discovery Declared Commercial

HKN Energy Ltd. (HKN) has announced that it has notified the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq (KRG) that the Swara Tika discovery is a “Commercial Discovery” pursuant to the terms of the Sarsang Production Sharing Contract. HKN, as operator of the Sarsang Block, has drilled two wells on the Swara Tika structure. The Swara Tika-1 […]

Oryx Petroleum Strikes Oil at Zey Gawra

By John Lee. Oryx Petroleum today announced a successful oil discovery at Zey Gawra in the Hawler license area. The ZEG-1 well was flow tested at an average rate of 4,800 barrels per day of light crude oil from an 81 metre column. A Notice of Discovery has been filed by the Corporation with the […]

Oryx Discovers Oil at Ain Al Safra

By John Lee. Oryx Petroleum Corporation has announced the discovery and testing of crude oil at Ain Al Safra in Iraqi Kurdistan. The Ain Al Safra discovery will be appraised in 2014 as part of the multi-well appraisal and development drilling program in the Hawler license area, where Oryx Petroleum is the operator and has […]

New Oil Find in Iraqi Kurdistan

Gulf Keystone notes today's update by MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas Plc., the operator of the Akri-Bijeel Block in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (in which Gulf Keystone has a 20 per cent working interest), on its extensive exploration and appraisal programme. Bakrman-1 Exploration Well Discovery Bakrman-1, the first exploration well to target the Bakrman […]

More Details of Missan Oil Find

By John Lee. The Missan Oil Company (MOC) has announced the completion of the exploratory oil well in the Deema-1 [Dima-1] formation. Oil Minister Abdul Kareem Luaibi [Elaibi] said that the Deema oil field, which is located in Maysan governorate, was completed 100 percent successfully, and in a record time, without any problems by the […]

Iraq Discovers Another Billion Barrels of Oil

By John Lee. Iraq has announced that it has discovered deposits of crude oil equivalent to one billion barrels of oil, following the first exploration work by state-owned firms in almost 30 years. The new oil find in Maysan [Missan] province, near the border with Iran, and could potentially make a significant addition to Baghdad's […]

New Oilfield Discovered in Maysan

By John Lee. The Energy Committee of Maysan's Provincial Council has announced the discovery of an oil field in Ezair district, 70 km southwest of the city of Amara (pictured). The Committee's Chairman, Amer Nasrallah, told NINA that an exploratory well had been drilled to a depth of 4,260 meters at the Deemeh field, and […]

GKP Declares Commercial Discovery at Shaikan

By John Lee. Shares in Gulf Keystone (GKP) were up more than 5% on Friday following the company's submission of a 'Declaration of Commercial Discovery' relating to its Shaikan Block in Iraqi Kurdistan. Todd Kozel (pictured), Gulf Keystone's Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer commented: "Declaration of Commercial Discovery is an important milestone for Gulf […]