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Al Taif Money Transfer signs up with Covalent

Al Taif Money Transfer Co (TMT), the largest money transfer services provider in Iraq has signed up Covalent, a joint venture between TPS and Access Group, for a digital payments platform. Farhan Al Musawi, CEO of Al Taif Group and Al Taif Money Transfer said: “We are pleased to engage with a strategic partnership with […]

Egypt, Iraq Sign $408m Deal on 'Yellow Remittances'

Iraq has reportedly reached an agreement with Egypt on the so-called 'yellow remittances' - money owed to Egyptian workers in Iraq since the 1980s. The Egyptians left Iraq after the U.S. invasion, leaving their jobs and their money behind, and did not receive compensation.This has been a source of tension between the two countries ever […]

Brain Drain with No Gain?

By T. Keyzom Ngodup, co-founder at Ideas sYnergy.  Ideas sYnergy is Iraq’s first multiple bottom line advisory company committed to inclusive economic and social development through market-based solutions that help build and scale youth-driven innovative ideas for social change.   An Economist report rightly pointed out that when people in the developed countries worry about […]