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Afren Falls on Management Statement

By John Lee. Shares in oil explorer Afren fell by more than 5 percent on Thursday morning as the company's output failed to meet expectations due to installation delays, repair work and adverse weather. In its Interim Management Statement, the company gave the following update on its operations in Iraq: "On 2 October 2014, Afren […]

Afren Shares Fall on Interims

By John Lee. Shares in Afren were down as much as 7 percent during the day on Tuesday, closing down 5.7 percent, as the company's earnings came in below target. In its Interim Management Statement this morning, Afren gave the following update on its Iraq operations: "On the Barda Rash block in Kurdistan, the BR-4 […]

Afren Updates on Iraqi Operations

By John Lee. Shares in Afren were trading up more than 3 percent on Thursday afternoon following the release of the company's Interim Management Statement, which included the following update on its Iraqi operations: Barda Rash On 8 July 2013 Afren commenced preliminary crude oil sales from the Barda Rash PSC to the local market. […]

Afren Shares Up on Interim Mgt Statement

Shares in Afren have risen more than 5 percent since the publication of its Interim Management Statement on Thursday. In the statement, the company gave the following update on its operations in Iraqi Kurdistan: Barda Rash As part of the phased development of the field, Afren initiated production operations in August 2012 producing its first […]

Afren Announces Positive Test Results

Afren has announces an update on the on-going testing programme on the Hunt Oil Middle East (HOME) operated Simrit-2 well, yielding incremental flow rates of 5,368 bopd, with a cumulative rate of 18,952 bopd from six of the 12 zones tested. Following the conclusion of drilling operations at the Simrit-2 well, located on the northern […]

Afren Jumps 8% on Simrit-2 Oil Discovery

By John Lee. Shares in Afren plc were up 8% on Thursday morning following the announcement that the Simrit-2 exploration well in the Kurdistan region of Iraq has been drilled to a depth of 3,800 metres and the total net oil pay has increased to 460 metres. In addition, a cumulative flow rate of 13,584 […]

Afren Jumps on Kurdistan Oil Find

Shares in Afren jumped more than 10% in early trading, before falling back slightly, following the company's announcement that the high impact Simrit-2 exploration well, located on the Ain Sifni PSC in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, has discovered a significant oil accumulation based on the results of drilling, wireline logs and sidewall core sampling. […]