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Details of $700m Upgrade to Basra Steel Plant

Iraq’s ministry of industry and minerals has confirmed that it has finalised a $700 million contract with Turkish group United Brothers Holding to revamp and upgrade Iraq’s State Company for Iron & Steel, reports SteelGuru. SCIS, located on the southern outskirts of Basra, has been out of action since April 2003. The company had a design […]

Turkish Firm to Invest $700m in Steel Plant

By John Lee. The Ministry of Industry and Minerals has signed an 18-year contract with a Turkish company to run iron and steel plant in Basra. According to Steel Network, $700 million will be invested to bring production capacity to 1 million tonnes per year. Work at the plant, located in the Khor Al-Zubair, is […]

Turkish Company Signs $700m Basra Steel Contract

By John Lee. The Basra Investment Commission has announced that the Industry Ministry signed a contract with the Turkish company UB Holding to rehabilitate iron and steel factories at a cost of $700 million. According to Aswat al-Iraq, the head of the commission said that the contract includes adding new production lines and increases annual […]

Iraq Re-Invites Bids for 44,000 Tons of Steel Products

By John Lee. Iraq has reportedly re-invited bidders to supply 44,000 metric tons of steel products, having received no bids when it first sought offers a month ago. The products include plain galvanized sheets and hollow window sections, said Trade Ministry spokeswoman Fawziyeh Hameed. According to a report from Bloomberg, the deadlines for bids are: […]

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Basra Agrees $150m Iron and Steel Factory

Basra Investment Commission (BIC) has agreed in principle to build an iron and steel factory worth of $150 million (175 billion IQD). AKnews reports that it is a joint proposal by Erbil Steel Company and a Turkish company. Khalaf Badran, head of the BIC, told AKnews that the Commission has expressed its "full support" for […]

Korea's Daewoo in Iraqi Steel Talks

Azzaman reports that the Ministry of Industry and Minerals has asked South Korean firm Daewoo to rehabilitate its steel industry, which has been idle for more than three decades. Iraq had built one of the Middle East’s largest steel complexes, called the State Company for Iron and Steel, near the port of Umm Qasr, about […]

New Steel Plant for Wassit

The head of the Wassit Investment Commission today laid the cornerstone for a $24m [29 billion Iraqi dinar] iron and steel factory. This is the first factory to be established in the province in the last 40 years, the province's media director stated. Majid al-Attabi told Aswat al-Iraq that the factory will be established in […]

Egyptian Steel Mill for Diyala

Diyala Province Administration has approved an offer from an Egyptian company to build a new steel and stainless steel mill in the province. The local administration informed the Egyptian company to send a delegation to the province in order to study the details of the project. (Source: AlSumaria TV)

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