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Wassit University Opens New Agriculture Building

A new building for the College of Agriculture in southern Iraq’s Wassit University has been opened by the Rector of the University, Jawad Al-Mousawi. “The new 3-story building, accommodating 140 male and female students, includes 6 study halls, 4 laboratories, a large conference hall, and another computer centre for scientific and academic purposes,” the University’s […]

Kuwaitis Visit Ahl al-Bayt University

A Kuwaiti scientific and cultural delegation paid a visit to Ahl al-Bayt University in Karbala on Wednesday, the head of the university’s press department said. “The Kuwaiti delegation includes a number of professors and students from different Kuwaiti universities,” Dr. Mohammad Abd Fihan told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. “The visit aims to acquaint delegates with […]