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Iraq to Invest in Joint Oil Projects with Iran

Iraqi Oil Minister Jabar Ali al-Luaibi [Allibi, Luiebi] (pictured) has said an agreement will soon be signed with Iran to jointly invest in two oil fields shared between the two countries. Last month, Iraq’s Ambassador to Tehran, Rajih al-Mussawi, said his country was considering a plan to cooperate with Iran to develop the Azadegan oil […]

Iran to up Oil Output at Joint Iraq Fields

By John Lee. Iran's Minister for Petroleum, Bijan Nadar Zangeneh (pictured), has revealed plans to increase production at the country’s western joint fields with Iraq by 200,000 bpd. The increase will happen over the next eight months and "surge to 700,000 bpd in the years to come", according to a report from PressTV. Iran has […]

Iran to Increase Production from Joint Oilfield

By John Lee. Tehran Times reports that Iran plans to increase production from the Yadavaran oilfield, which straddles its border with Iraq, from 50,000 barrels per day to 85,000 bpd by September of this year. Iran began production at the oilfield in March 2012, while Iraq has yet to start. Iran shares the Yadavaran, Azadegan, and […]

Iran to Increase Production from Joint Oilfield with Iraq

By John Lee. According to a report from Tehran Times, Iran will double output at the Yadavaran oilfield, which straddles the border with Iraq, to 50,000 bpd by the Iranian calendar month of Dey (beginning 22nd December). Production started in February 2012 and the oilfield is currently producing 25,000 bpd of crude oil, but 55 […]

Iran to Expand Operations at Joint Oilfields with Iraq

By John Lee. Iran will double the number of drilling rigs at the joint Iranian-Iraqi Azadegan and Yadavaran oilfields, according to a report from Bernama. Quoting the managing director of the National Iranian Drilling Company (NIDC), Heidar Bahmani, Iran's Mehr News Agency said there are currently four drilling rigs in operation at the two oilfields […]

Iran Discovers More Oil on Iraqi Border

By John Lee. Bloomberg reports that Iran has discovered crude reserves near its western Yadavaran oil field along the border with Iraq. Iran's Oil Minister, Rostam Qasemi (pictured), said the discovery of the deposits will add as much as 6 billion barrels to Iran's recoverable reserves. The Yadavaran field, which the country shares with Iraq, […]

Iran, Iraq Boost Cooperation in Energy Sector

Iraq and Iran have agreed to increase their cooperation in the oil, gas and refinery sectors. Iran's Fars News Agency reports that the Managing-Director of the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC), Ali Reza Zeiqami, said on Monday that Iran and Iraq had reached an agreement to expand cooperation in developing joint fields, […]

Iran to Start Production at Joint Oilfield with Iraq

Iran will begin production at the Yadavaran oilfield, which it shares with Iraq, by the end of the current Iranian calendar year (which ends on March 20), according to ISNA news agency. The oilfield is estimated to hold around 12 billion barrels of in-situ crude oil, along with 12.5 trillion cubic feet of associated gases, […]

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