Weekly Security Update

Central Iraq (Baghdad and Anbar)

There were a total of 37 incidents reported this week in Baghdad Province; which is above the weekly average of 31 and an increase on last weeks figure of 33.  Incidents were geographically spread throughout the Baghdad Region, including the rural environs which have seen a large proportion of the region’s activity in recent weeks.  Given the average levels of reporting, it would appear that security within the capital city remains high post-Ashura and continues to force insurgent groups to remain somewhat fixed around the Sunni ‘Baghdad Belts’. The most significant attack took place in the rural area of Jurf al-Naddaf, where five policemen were killed by gunmen while in their accommodation at a checkpoint.  There were a number of attempted assassinations of high profile community and security figures including, the Secretary General of the Sahwa Movement at his home in west Baghdad and the Baghdad Police Commissioner in a drive-by shooting. To the north of the capital, activity in the Sunni areas of Taji and Hammamiyat continued.  Taji suffered yet another VBIED attack, and three IEDs detonated on a main road in Hammamiyat. 

Anbar reported 14 incidents during the period, an increase on last weeks figure of ten and above the weekly average for 2012.  Insurgent activity this week remained focused around Fallujah and its surrounding rural areas.  This week saw an IED in the rural area of Zuba, to the south east of Fallujajh and a major IED cache find in Saqlawiya to the north west of the city.  However, overall activity levels have been subdued since the end of September, after Fallujah was subject to a high volume of attacks during AQI’s summer campaign.  Despite an indirect fire (IDF) attack on the Anbar Provincial Council building this week, and a VBIED last week, Ramadi has been unusually quiet in recent months.  As seen in Ninawa Province, the security situation on the Syrian side of the border in western Anbar has increased in recent months, with regular reports of confrontations between smugglers and ISF. 

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