Three Years Down, One Year To Go

By Padraig O'Hannelly.

What were you doing on this day three years ago? If you're Iraqi and were in the country at the time, the chances are that you were casting your vote in the general election, in which more than 6,500 candidates, representing 86 parties, competed for the 325 seats in parliament.

It was to be another nine months before a cabinet was formed, and that cabinet has just another year to complete its work.

So what are we to make of Nouri al-Maliki's second term in office? On one hand, sectarian tensions are increasing, relations between Baghdad and Erbil continue to be strained, and the parliament has still not passed the hydrocarbon law; on the other hand, oil production is booming, electricity supply has improved in many areas, and houses are being built in vast numbers.

What is your assessment of the part three years, and with one year to go before the next election, assuming the parliament runs its course, what should be the priorities for the cabinet and parliament over that time? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

6 Responses to Three Years Down, One Year To Go

  1. Yas 7th March 2013 at 14:42 #

    First of all i would like to express my gratitude for your website and in the same time I want to express my opinion regarding your blog in the following points (I'm living in Iraq and more close and scope to the Iraqi situation )
    - read too much optimism in this blog while the situation in Iraq and specifically in Baghdad is different where the Iraq Capital now represent a big military camp with hundred of Checkpoints when drain your day stopping and waiting in your car for your turn to pass the queue and at less you need 3 hours to reach you work location and with all these procedures the security Situation is not stable.

    - Baghdad now is the dirtiest and the most pollution environment place in the world ever where the sewage mixing with drinking water while its ancient history was the the capital of the world before couple Century.

    - when i read the foreign Companies investment in the Oil and Energy industry field while the Iraqi youth from the different Engineering Department Sit at home after graduations with no chance to hire in these Companies because they bring their experts from out border with no protection to the Iraqi labor and all their aim is to 'Suck' the Oil.
    this is a shortcut not whole the story (may be it's needed to extra pages to explain it) for Iraqi's Life

    none of these thieves candidates deserve my vote so boycott is the better choice for me.

    at last but not least please do not try to forebear this matter.


  2. S.ALDEEN 7th March 2013 at 15:26 #

    1. Establishment of security & stability through rational policies, avoiding any wars and confrontations.
    2. Legitimise the new army by seeking parliament’s approval.
    3. End the unrest at the western regions through negotiations and positive respond to their acceptable demands.
    4. Al maliki, to initiate a meeting with heads of main political groups to agree to a new strategy where they will share the benefits and responsibilities.
    5. Al maliki must change/ widen his team of advisors for better updating to enable him to be wiser in his ruling rather then building up tension that may lead the raven country into new wars.
    6. Al maliki must distance himself from Iran.
    7. Avoid war in general & with the Kurds in particular.
    7. More reforms in education, health, job creation, social security & pension for all.

  3. Michael 7th March 2013 at 17:44 #

    1. Declare neutrality. Like the Swiss, Iraq is dead center of the Middle East tensions. Just stay out of conflict and trade with all.
    2. Fix their issues with the Kurds and do what is necessary to get along.
    3. Promote religious tolerance and severely punish those engaged in family feuds.
    4. Promote agriculture and make Iraq the bread basket of the SW Asia again.
    5. When it comes to infrastructure ...... Get 'R Done! Iraq will never achieve parity with its oil rich neighbors until they do.
    6. Secure the borders. Once Iraq becomes wealthy again people will pour in placing a strain on the public resources.
    7. Promote a currency with value.

  4. Calzy 7th March 2013 at 21:25 #

    Maliki appears to be the stmbling block to progress. He needs to either resign or be voted out of office. They need to rapisly resolve their differences over the oil revenue with Erbil & get on with progress. Also, Maliki needs to untie the hands of the CBI & let the Dinar float. It will never become an internationally traded currency the way it is being handled today.

  5. Marky 8th March 2013 at 06:42 #

    Point blank, Maliki needs to go, all those improvements would have taken place no matter who was in office. The important laws that are blocked are because of the greed of the participants and as long as Al-Maliki is in power, he will hoard the power like a little kid. The country will not be able to move forward until the HCL and Tariff laws are enacted, and also the judiciary is set in an order to allow for transparency and fairness and not cronyism and particianism.

  6. mazhda mustafa 9th March 2013 at 10:00 #

    in order we can judge fairly and wisely on the achievements of the present government headed by maliki , who is in power since 7 years,we must record all the projects that were planned to complete construction or to be started within this period and compare to the actual percentage of the present time the general services provided for iraqi people including electricity,sanitation,water supply,health care, education,transportation system,meeting the demands of many demonstrators,and many others are still not provided as per the capacity of a country in which its revenue is counted by hundred of is true that there is a vast improvement in the security condition, and iraq is more stable than it was 6 or 7 years ago, even though few car bombs occur here and there,but this status of stability even is not very promising and still can not bring investors to iraq,and the sectarian struggle is not controlled in a way that will eliminate forever this dispute that originated in the country after addition to that there are also many other sectors that the performance of government is weak or negligible, passing the hydrocarbon law which is also in dispute since 3-4 years, the relation with kurdistan government is deteriorating continuously, having a very weak policy and legal procedures against corruption and bribery ,being so lean in the government relation with iran and syria against all the positions of the entire international community.but once again , please ask maliki what was your plan or program at the start of your campaign , and what you achieved after 7 years, and we want figures and actual nominations of the projects and rate of progress , not only using words like a secondary school student drafting a composition in his exam only for sake of getting a high degree.unfortunately his only purpose and aim now is to obtain the majority in the parliament to issue a change in the constitution which will allow him to remain for a 3rd term , which is a disgrace.