Iraqi Elections: all Talk, no Walk

Many political blocs seeking votes are ignoring the reality that the Iraqi voter, after several elections, has become better at distinguishing viable promises from non-viable pledges. Many in Iraq agree that an essential part of the country's current crisis is due to not putting the right people in the right place, and this applies to electoral programs.

For example, it is not the politicians’ duty to put forth an economic program. That responsibility belongs to economists and must be based on a true and detailed understanding of economic reality, making use of the experiences of other countries and peoples, not simply presenting economic wishes.

The next government must announce a program that presents the framework for its plans and commits to it before the people and parliament. The government program usually flows from the political program of the bloc that forms the government.

That has not happened in Iraq because governments are formed by broad-based political blocs, making it almost impossible for them to produce a unified detailed program.

(Election image via Shutterstock)

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