Despite Uprising, Kurdish Oil Exports Rise

By John Lee.

Reuters reports that Iraqi Kurdistan is ramping up independent oil exports, with a third tanker of crude scheduled to leave the Turkish port of Ceyhan on 22nd June.

The supply of oil through the Kurdistan Regional Government's new pipeline to Turkey has continued uninterrupted, despite the escalating violence in northern Iraq.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz (pictured) declined to name the buyer of the 1-million-barrel cargo.

According to the Reuters report, the first exports via this route have still not been delivered to a refinery, as Baghdad's threatens legal action and the black-listing of buyers.

Baghdad recently filed for arbitration against Turkey with the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris, claiming that, by facilitating the export of crude oil from Kurdistan without the authorisation from the Iraqi Ministry of Oil, Turkey has breached its obligations under the Iraq-Turkey Pipeline Agreement.

(Source: Reuters)

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