KRG Renews Ties with Lower Saxony

On behalf of the Kurdistan Regional Government, the Head of the Department of Foreign Relations, Minister Falah Mustafa, successfully concludes a three-day visit to Lower Saxony, northwestern Germany, upon the invitation of Birgitt Hone, State Secretary at the State Chancellery of Lower Saxony.

The three-day visit consisted of a number of meetings with Ministers, members of Parliament, the private sector, and a seminar at the Göttingen Georg-August-University.

Amongst the government officials, Minister Mustafa met with Olaf Lies, Minister of Economics, Labour and Transport, where he highlighted the importance of Germany’s private sector involvement in Kurdistan.

In his meeting with Mr Horst Schörhusen, Secretary at the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, the Minister stated that the KRG can benefit greatly from Lower Saxony’s well-developed agriculture sector. Developing the agriculture sector is one of KRG’s top priorities as Kurdistan’s fertile land provides considerable potential.

The Minister delivered a speech at the Hanover Chamber of Commerce and Industry, where he talked about the current political and economic developments in Kurdistan and Iraq, and highlighted Kurdistan’s investor friendly laws, safety and security, and attractive investment opportunities in various fields.

Dr. Horst Schrage, the president of the Chamber explained Minister Mustafa’s visit to Hanover as a new chapter in the relationship between the KRG and Lower Saxony. Both sides agreed that strengthening ties between the Hanover Chamber of Commerce and the Kurdistan Chamber of Commerce was an important step in further consolidating KRG relations with Germany.

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