Iraq’s First Female Goodwill Ambassador

In this interview extract she tells us how becoming a Goodwill Ambassador came about. She focusses particularly on how this position helps her play an active role in serving Iraqi women, and ultimately her country Iraq.

“While surfing the internet, I found the address of a UN organization in Canada for Health and Human Rights. It included ambassadors of goodwill, psychological health and human rights. The organization has 185 members. The ambassadors are on a mission to help others, regardless of race or religion. Their aim is to create a suitable atmosphere for psychological well-being which is particularly lacking in emerging economies.

We also create a shared pool of knowledge around human rights, in Iraq’s case of course extremists are trying to obliterate in our country. The organization is meant to support humanity for the sake of humanity.  I admired these principles and they match mine, so I got in touch.

Initially I contacted the organization to raise awareness for particular issues I wanted to draw attention to and I found them to be very responsive. For example, I tried hard to prove that Iraqi women who are committed to their religion can bring an extra dimension in terms of awareness and knowledge of people’s rights. Women who are active religiously are more likely to positively help humanity without discrimination.

I was able to share positive ideas and stories about Iraqi women at events and conferences the Canadian Institute for Science and Health held in the Arab region. As a result of many ideas and discussions, I was eventually chosen to be a Goodwill Ambassador, with a focus on Psychological Health and Human Rights.

This position is honorary and unpaid, it is however considered a great victory for an Iraqi woman to have been chosen. Essentially, it distinguishes Iraq among the 185 countries, proving that Iraqi women are capable of achieving success, despite their challenges.

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  1. Venu Babu 2nd December 2014 at 00:24 #

    It is a good human service. Anybody should be know about that, which is reasonable and the best to do for society.