Iraq’s First Female Goodwill Ambassador

After I was given this position, I received significant support from the local government of Karbala, represented by the Karbala Governor Mr. Aqeel Al Turaihi. This personal support translated into increased support for the accelerated learning schools. A direct result of this was the opening of a bureau which specialized in improving the  status of women in the community.

I would like to mention here that I was granted the “Goodwill Ambassador” title as a result of my persistence to make my voice reach even the farthest corners of the earth. I felt very strongly that it was important to send a message to the world that Islam, which many have started to fear as a source of terrorism, is in fact a religion that respects and reinforces the role of women in the society. It is a religion of integrity and is a million miles away from the violent extremism that some perceive as being representative of Islam.

My ‘karbalite’ hijab and abaya are symbols to me of the love and respect I have for others, no matter who they are.I dedicate my success to my mother’s soul. She always taught me that through love and believing in God we can change our destiny.

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  1. Venu Babu 2nd December 2014 at 00:24 #

    It is a good human service. Anybody should be know about that, which is reasonable and the best to do for society.