Iraq Britain Business Council: Accentuating the Positive

Tourism was one of many investment opportunities in Dhi Qar he said, a message reinforced during his presentation at the Iraq Britain Business Council's Autumn conference in Westminster, London.

What was clear from the conference was that Dr.Khairullah was not alone in his optimism and was one of a number of Iraqi politicians setting their sights on diversifying Iraq’s economy. At the local level, shopping malls and hotels are still springing up across Iraq, a sign of Iraqis’ fervent yearning for normalcy.

Huge credit has to go to the IBBC for drawing attention to these facts and putting on such an excellent event. The organisation has brought together countless professionals who are committed to Iraq's progress, from helping the most vulnerable all the way up to capacity building and multi billion dollar strategic projects.

IBBC was established by Baroness Emma Nicholson, an energetic and passionate woman with decades of experience championing the rights of Iraqis and highlighting the country's potential.

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