Iraq Britain Business Council: Accentuating the Positive

Of course, readers of Iraq Business News will know that there is much more to Iraq than the usual headlines. In fact, as we left the conference it was hard to escape the notion that Iraq is arguably the region's most promising emerging economy, in spite of current challenges.

Currently we are seeing the ongoing expansion of Iraq’s ports which will see a phenomenal increase in containerised goods in the next decade, the ongoing expansion of oil production both in the south and the Kurdish region (both areas with excellent security) and an ambitious plan to build several new airports.

At the forefront of these developments are some of the biggest company names in the world, jostling to enter this promising market. This fact is sometimes forgotten by those who seek to portray Iraq as the interest of a select few countries.

The sheer diversity of businesses now entering Iraq from all over the globe is stunning, and IBBC of course highlighted some of the growing business ties between Iraq and the UK. So in the first of a two part series looking at the work of IBBC, we thought we'd start with a little summary of the conference's content.

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