Iraq Britain Business Council: Accentuating the Positive

Gavin Wishart, CEO of Standard Chartered Iraq:

Wishart led Standard Chartered’s charge into Iraq with the panache one would expect from the intrepid bank, which has built up a solid reputation for operating in emerging markets. He was also keen to stress the immense personal reward he found in nurturing Iraqi talent.

Such talent was impressive due to the enthusiasm the Iraqis have shown when pushing to meet the bank’s high standards. Wishart recounted how his staff were more than happy to take on th gruelling workloads that young finance professionals around the world become accustomed to. Equally impressive was the Iraqis’ astonishing resilience in the face of adverse circumstances, by this point a recurring theme throughout the conference.

Hans Nijkamp, Vice President and Country Manager for Shell Iraq:

Nijkamp began by giving an impressive overview of Shell’s colossal Iraq operations, so vital not only to Iraq but to the global economy.

At the centrepiece of those operations lies the super giant Majnoon oil field which Shell operate in a consortium with Petronas, in partnership with Iraq’s Southern Oil Company. Notably, Majnoon was once a battleground during the Iran--Iraq war, and yet now provides much of the revenue for Iraq’s long transition away from conflict.

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