Gas Import Agreement with Iran

By John Lee.

The Managing Director of the National Iranian Gas Exports Company has said that Iran is ready to sign an agreement with Iraq to supply Basra with 5 million cubic meters (mcm) of natural gas per day in next Iranian calendar year.

Alireza Kameli (pictured) said Iran will start export one year after signing the agreement, and that the figure is planned to rise to 30 mcm within 6 years.

According to the report from Customs Today Newspaper, Iran also plans to start natural gas exports to Baghdad in May.

He said based on the agreement signed between Tehran and Baghdad on July 2, 2013, 4 mcm per day of Iran’s natural gas will be delivered to Iraq in the first phase, but the pipeline will finally carry 35 mcm of gas per day to Iraq.

The infrastructure needed for pumping Iran’s natural gas to Iraq will be ready by late April.

The 270-kilometer pipeline stretches from the village of Charmaleh, located in Iran’s western province of Kermanshah, into the town of Naft Shahr on the border with Iraq.

(Source: Customs Today Newspaper)

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