Iraqi F-16s Debut Against ISIS

By Simon Kent.

Iraq's long awaited delivery of F-16 fighter bombers have now made their combat debut, The Guardian reports.

The jets made 15 sorties in Salahaddin, a key front north of Baghdad where the Baiji oil refinery and nearby town are still contested battle zones.

The Guardian report suggests that with Coalition strikes hitting ISIS on a daily basis, the new aircraft may not make much difference on the ground.

However, the full delivery of 35 aircraft, when all are operational in Iraq, will certainly pose a threat to ISIS positions.

Iraqi commanders will be able to call in significant, pin point fire-power against terrorist positions without having to await a long approval process through their Coalition allies.

If coordination is good, Iraqi F-16s flying from Iraqi bases will be on station to attack ISIS positions in a very short time frame.

Source: The Guardian.


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