Iraqi Forces Close to Ramadi Victory

By Simon Kent.

Iraqi forces in Anbar province's capital city of Ramadi are close to victory, several publications report.

According to The Wall St. Journal, Iraqi sources on the ground say that US air strikes were critical in the latest advances and most of the city's districts are now once again under government control.

At this point, it would be typical of the so called "Islamic State" (also called "Daesh") to launch wave after wave of car bombs against Iraqi soldiers, or go to ground and then launch a massive ambush.

But soldiers described how, after capturing a key government building, Daesh launched a large ground attack that was defeated with 30 militants killed.

An Iraqi army officer was able to call in close air support against the terrorists within 7 minutes, suggesting the once slow and complex process that the Iraqis used to muster Coalition air support has been greatly refined.

Reporters at the scene witnessed Iraqi soldiers firing guns in the air in celebration, in what amounts to an imminent victory for the Abadi government. If Ramadi is recaptured soon, it will leave Fallujah--also in Daesh hands, exposed to a massive government assault.

(Source: The Wall Street Journal.)


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