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Assessing the War on ISIS

By Mona Alami for Al Monitor. Any opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News. The Islamic State’s control over large swaths of land in Iraq and Syria is slowly diminishing, as it is being aggressively pummeled by local and international forces, such as Kurdish and Iraqi […]

Iraqi Forces Close to Ramadi Victory

By Simon Kent. Iraqi forces in Anbar province's capital city of Ramadi are close to victory, several publications report. According to The Wall St. Journal, Iraqi sources on the ground say that US air strikes were critical in the latest advances and most of the city's districts are now once again under government control. At this point, […]

Weekly Security Update, 04 – 10 November 2014

The fate of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who may have been targeted in airstrikes conducted against an ISIS convoy in Mosul and a gathering of militants in the border town of al-Qaim in Anbar is unlikely to have dramatic effects on security dynamics in Iraq. If these reports were confirmed however, ISIS could decide to launch […]

Weekly Security Update for 28th December 2011

Summary Levels of violence rose in Iraq over the past week, with dozens of people killed and injured in a series of attacks in Baghdad on 22 December. Meanwhile, the political crisis between senior politicians also endures, posing a significant risk to overall national stability and raising the possibility of major internal strife over the […]

US Will Not Abandon Iraq

The withdrawal of US troops from Iraq enters its final month, but it would be a mistake to think that this leaves Iraq without the support of the world's biggest economy. On Thursday the US and Iraq issued a joint statement re-affirming their commitment to "forging a strong partnership based on mutual interests that will […]


Weekly Security Update for 2nd November 2011

Levels of violence rose in Iraq over the past week, with the highest number of weekly attacks recorded since mid-August. At least 80 people were killed and 197 injured nationwide, with incidents concentrated in Baghdad, Mosul and Babil province. There was also sporadic violence in towns such as Kut, Fallujah and Ba’qubah.   North Turkish […]

Weekly Security Update for 3rd August 2011

Levels of violence rose slightly in Iraq over the past week although conditions remain quieter than much of the year so far. Fewer than 50 people were killed, which is a moderate figure by Iraqi standards, albeit still abhorrently high. A notable number of the dead and injured were caught up in a double suicide […]

Weekly Security Update for 28th July 2011

There was a reduction in overall levels of violence in Iraq last week, making it the quietest week in the country since February. Baghdad actually had the quietest week so far in 2011, which is promising, except that the authorities have warned that the lull is likely to be temporary. It may be the case […]

Conditions Worsen

Levels of violence are rising in Iraq. While some commentators in the press are referring to the increase as a spike, regular readers of Iraq Business News will understand that the rise has actually been very gradual - but consistent - with the number of attacks building up all the way from the beginning of […]

Weekly Security Update for 19th January 2011

Overview Levels of violence fell last week, but the past 48 hours have seen three suicide attacks in the central provinces, killing dozens and injuring over 200. As with the recent spate in assassinations in the centre of the country, the main target of the suicide bombers were state employees and members of the Iraqi […]

Kidnap in Iraq

Four people, including three children, were kidnapped by criminals then freed by the authorities in Iraq last week. In recent months consular warnings have continued to remind foreign nationals of the risk of abduction still present in the country. With a rise in foreigners travelling to the country it may only be a matter of […]

Security Review of Iraq 2010

Trends in 2010 demonstrated that violence is still a concern in Iraq. With opportunities for investment arising in 2011 the outlook for the country is fast improving, but companies looking to take part in Iraq’s economic redevelopment will have to take security into consideration if they are to succeed. Weekly Violence The above chart shows the […]