Abadi Thanks British Role in Ramadi Fight

By Simon Kent.

Iraqi PM Haider al Abadi (pictured) has thanked the role that the British Royal Air Force played in supporting Iraqi troops during the battle of Ramadi.

Iraq's western city of almost half a million people fell to ISIS, also known as Daesh, in May this year. The defeat for Iraqi forces was a major blow to the Iraqi army's morale and a huge political setback for the embattled Iraqi PM.

However, supported by additional training from the Coalition and over 600 air strikes from the US led air armada, Iraqi forces were able to re-take the city in what amounts to the biggest victory for Iraqi forces to date.

A statement from Downing Street reported Abadi's remarks, made in a phone conversation with British PM David Cameron:

"Prime Minister Abadi noted that Iraq was in a much stronger position to secure peace. He thanked the Prime Minister for the UK's contribution, through air strikes and military training, which Prime Minister Abadi said had helped the army to make advances against Daesh."
(Source: The Daily Mail)

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