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British Jets Bomb ex-Saddam Palace in Mosul

Royal Air Force (RAF) Tornado jets have participated in a major coalition air strike on Saddam’s former palace in Mosul, used by Daesh as a headquarters and training establishment for foreign terrorists. In Mosul, extensive surveillance had established that Daesh were using a palace, built by the former dictator Saddam Hussein, as a major headquarters […]

Abadi Thanks British Role in Ramadi Fight

By Simon Kent. Iraqi PM Haider al Abadi (pictured) has thanked the role that the British Royal Air Force played in supporting Iraqi troops during the battle of Ramadi. Iraq's western city of almost half a million people fell to ISIS, also known as Daesh, in May this year. The defeat for Iraqi forces was a […]

UK Hits IS in Multiple Air Strikes

By Simon Kent. Following on from France's recent escalation of bombing against the so called "Islamic State" in Syria, the UK appears to have followed suit with a similar escalation in Iraq. According to a UK Ministry of Defence briefing reported in The Huffington Post, British jets from the Royal Air Force killed at least 30 militants […]

ISIS Hit 300 Times by British Aircraft

By Simon Kent. The Royal Air Force has launched a total of 300 sorties against the self proclaimed "Islamic State," according to a report on the strikes released by the UK's Ministry of Defence. In military parlance, a "sortie" is a mission where bombs are dropped, as opposed to a mission which may not find […]