Long Term Service Contracts are Good But Not Perfect

By Ahmed Mousa Jiyad.

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Long Term Service Contracts Are Good But Not Perfect

My article on Service Contracts Vs Production Sharing Contracts Revisited, posted on this IBN website, has attracted good deal of formal and professional attention and feedback.

An extensive reference to and presentation of its contents was made during the joint meeting comprising the Ministry of Oil (represented by the Minister, the DG of PCLD and other senior officials) and members from the Parliamentary Committees of Finance and of Oil & Energy that was held on 13 December 2015.

An Arabic translation of the article was, though inaccurate and without my consent, posted on many websites and circulated widely among professional Iraqi networks.

This intervention intends to address main issues of a feedback from Dr. Ihsan Alattar, consultant of the Ministry of Oil. For the sake of transparency, accuracy and openness, Alattar’ feedback is reproduced, verbatim, at the end of the current paper.

Though Alattar’ feedback is indeed positive and supportive to my original paper, nevertheless, few of its contents deserve further highlights and clarification from my side.

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Mr Jiyad is an independent development consultant, scholar and Associate with Centre for Global Energy Studies (CGES), London. He was formerly a senior economist with the Iraq National Oil Company and Iraq’s Ministry of Oil, Chief Expert for the Council of Ministers, Director at the Ministry of Trade, and International Specialist with UN organizations in Uganda, Sudan and Jordan. He is now based in Norway (Email: mou-jiya@online.no, Skype ID: Ahmed Mousa Jiyad).

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  1. David 22nd January 2016 at 11:00 #

    Hi we are looking at breaking into the market place in Iraq, do you have any advise for us

  2. Ahmed Mousa Jiyad 29th January 2016 at 18:21 #

    Hi David,
    Please write directly with more information by using my email: mou-jiya@online.no
    Best regards,
    Ahmed Mousa Jiyad,
    29 Jan 2016